Hubbster Activate is a digital method that unites coworker engagement with strategies and cultures - bottom up

ICA Skolan and Hubbster initiates cooperation

We are proud to announce that Hubbster and ICA Skolan (ICA School) have initiated cooperation to jointly offer support in the activation of culture, business and strategy within the ICA Group. A first common customer is already contracted and more dialogues are in progress.

The combination of Hubbster’s digital activation process and ICA School’s long experience of developing employees to increase the competitiveness of stores and ICA as a whole is a new and most up-to-date offer in ICA School’s portfolio. An organization’s co-workers are an often untapped competence pool in terms of business development which, through Hubbster’s technology, can emerge as committed advisors and performers of the company’s key strategic directions, supported by ICA’s leaders and advisors / trainers from ICA Skolan.

ICA Skolan is ICA’s competence partner with the mission of driving competence development based on the Group’s and companies’ business goals and helping the various organizations within ICA both in store, office and logistics.

The school’s advisors and trainers offer competence development in, among other things:

  • Business management and business development
  • Leadership, management team and team development
  • Values
  • Drive and develop a store
  • Sales, service and customer satisfaction
  • Food, meals, fresh produce and sensory
  • Strategy and Culture Activation

Hubbster is a SaaS company focusing on digital processes for activating strategy, culture and business. The technology is based on leading research within motivation, business development, goal achievement and corporate culture and offered as a digital best practice for successful activation.