Hubbster Activate is a digital method that unites coworker engagement with strategies and cultures - bottom up

Hubbster Activate

Hubbster's digital method combines easy-to-use technology with deep knowledge of company culture, strategy, activation, motivation, efficiency and employee engagement.

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Each year, company executives invest vast resources in formulating strategies, plans and cultures intended to build strength and success. But, research shows that on average only 5% of the coworkers in an organization understand and are able to engage the company's strategy. With this in mind, it is not surprising that as many as 9 out of 10 organizations fail to transform their business strategy into concrete actions and behaviors. The burning question is - what is the point of having a strategy if it is not used?

With this insight, we wanted to create change. The result was an easy-to-use digital method that uniquely motivates employees to use the strategy. With our solution, strategy use has gone from about 5% to over 60% in less than one year in companies and organizations that use Hubbster.

The platform has integrated process support, like a digital management consultant, that supports both strategy owners and coworkers and ensures efficiency and best practice in implementation. Based on leading activation strategy, motivation research, behavioral psychology and effective business development, it activates coworkers to create concrete, relevant activities that always meet the defined strategy. This is what we call activation.

We offer a unique and easy-to-use tool for taking strategies from words to concrete reality in organizations of all sizes.


Usability - This value reflects both us as a company and the solutions we offer. The high level of usability for our solutions and the benefit we deliver are key ingredients in all we do.
Curiosity - We are curious about everything - especially our clients' needs and how we constantly improve ourselves and our technology. It was our curiosity that caused us to start building digital activation tools - quite simply because we were sure that activation, and the effects of it, could be drastically improved.
All in! - "All in" reflects our view of how strategies should be activated and what a successful implementation process should look like in order to succeed. The value also reflects our commitment to our stakeholders and how we want to change the general view of activation. In brief, if a strategy is meant to be used and transformed into a concrete, business-driving reality, it must be known and lived by everyone in the organization.
Our vision is to make coworkers the company's best advisors. And we are definitely on our way.
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