Hubbster Activate is a digital method that unites coworker engagement with strategies and cultures - bottom up

Business strategy

9 out of 10 companies fail to successfully implement their business strategy. We turn the statistics on their head and contribute to 9 out of 10 succeeding.

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Developing a new business strategy involves major investments of time, money and engagement to create the right conditions for success. But, if you cannot ensure that the strategy is used well within the organization, was it really worth all that effort? With Hubbster, you ensure that the strategic investment you made in the company's future gets the engagement it deserves in the entire organization.

On average, our digital method, Hubbster Activate, increases strategy use from 5% to over 60% in less than a year. Based on leading activation strategy, motivation research, behavioral psychology, and effective business development, we created a easy-to-use, digital method that uniquely motivates employees to use the strategy. This is what we call activation.


Throughout the activation of your business strategy, you can support and follow strategy activation and development throughout the organization in real time.
It supports and drives a team spirit - a prerequisite for endurance and motivation.
It offers a simple and pedagogical user interface that is self-instructing, easy-to-use and intuitive for the user.
It has integrated feedback and dialog features that provide support through the entire user journey.
It enables the sharing of best practice and open knowledge with all employees at all levels of the organization.
It enables real-time measurability of the activation journey at all relevant levels.
Time is money, so it has to be used right. The digital method is therefore highly automated, so you can use your time for feedback and inspiration rather than just managing and delegating.


Get the entire company involved.
Transform silent knowledge into concrete value.
Give employees a meaningful purpose for the change.
Let those affected by the strategy have a voice and make an impact.
Utilize the employees' full potential.
Anchor overall goals and strategies, and create local engagement and desire to take initiative throughout the organization.
The strategy will never become reality unless the employees are motivated.
Moving the implementation work from a few select individuals to the entire organization gets the entire company on board and engaged. With Hubbster Activate, the coworkers participate in the actual implementation. This drives engagement and anchors the strategy within the entire organization, making it go from words to action more quickly and with much better results.
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strategy from words to action?
When you have invested time and money into developing a strategy, you do not want to fail when it comes time to implement it.
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Do you need help in developing a strong business strategy or making your defined strategy activable? Do you want ongoing advice during your activation journey? Hubbster has an established network of skilled advisors who are ready to support you along the way.