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— A Health Check for your company Culture

Culture:Check is a company health-check; capturing & analysing the status of your company culture.

A strong company culture is the backbone of any successful organization. However, research shows that customers will never love a company unless the coworkers love it first. Understanding the formula of a specific culture can provide a secret weapon that makes extraordinary things happen.

So, how is your company culture doing?

Asking the right questions is the key to real insight. This is where Culture:Check can make a big difference. In only 5 minutes.

The biggest challenge in traditional surveying is to determine which questions to ask.

We have the solution…

The Culture:Check survey method

• 1 main question, followed by 3 sub-questions and an employee NPS based on the respondents own, free associations.

• Email based survey

• Only takes 5 minutes to reply.

• The report shows association (word cloud), prioritization, evaluation and motivation.

• The tool enables quantitative data of qualitative material.

Price: 19.500 SEK + 100 SEK/respondent

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