Hubbster Activate is a digital method that unites coworker engagement with strategies and cultures - bottom up

Making kickoff
investments last 

Most of us have experienced the feeling you can get from a really good company kickoff. So far so good, but then what?

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The Kickoff:Activate method – 3 easy steps

1 Pre-Kickoff: Your selected Cockpit team works through the kickoff agenda with presented strategy. The framework is built based on the strategy (the WHAT). Ambassadors/Team Leads are chosen, trained by the tool, and in their turn they invite their team coworkers.
2 Your Kickoff agenda includes a short brief of what the Kickoff:Activate method is about and after presenting for example your vision and the WHAT, you leave it up to your Ambassadors and their teams to work out activities reflecting the HOW. Selected activities are registered in to the Kickoff:Activate tool.
3 The kickoff ends, but the work on the selected activities continues, encouraged along the way based on information from your Kickoff:Activate dashboard, showing each step naturally followed by the next gathering or kickoff where you present your company’s most successful examples of accomplished activities with awards, balloons and fireworks!
A lot of companies have problems with prolonging the value of the kickoff investment, which means that valuable energy generated simply goes out the window. A kickoff is often where it all begins, but unfortunately, too often the same kickoff means the end of the implementation of the vision presented along with all innovative ideas. This has to change. Therefore, Hubbster has worked out a digital method; the Kickoff:Activate; a new digital tool that helps businesses to clearly see the outcome of the event and the ability to easily manage the process through real-time tracking. Employee involvement, engagement and autonomy are three important keys built in the product. This is where the battle between companies is settled, the ones who succeed in their implementation and those who don't. With Kickoff:Activate, we completely change the ability to make the kickoffs a long-term investment with clear business benefits.
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Price: 99 SEK/user per month or Enterprise solution