Hubbster Activate is a digital method that unites coworker engagement with strategies and cultures - bottom up

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ICA Skolan and Hubbster initiates cooperation

We are proud to announce that Hubbster and ICA Skolan (ICA School) have initiated cooperation to jointly offer support in the activation of culture, business and strategy within the ICA Group. A first common customer is already contracted and more dialogues are in progress. The combination of Hubbster’s digital activation process and ICA School’s long […]

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How Everysport Media Group activated a shared culture when three companies became one

Everysport Media Group was formed in the spring of 2016 following the merger of several strong digital sports media organizations. With the many different cultures, they needed to find a common ground from which to grow, and at the same time quickly and efficiently find a joint focus for both business and the organization was […]

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How 11 neighboring municipalities successfully formed a common model region

The location brand “Familjen Helsingborg” [The Helsingborg Family] (formerly Helsingborg Business Region) is the result of a political and commercial municipal cooperation between eleven municipalities in northwestern Skåne. The brand unites the municipalities in order to create added value, primarily in relation to tourism, the business sector and being an attractive place to live. Familjen […]

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How Apoteket transformed its strategy into concrete action

Apoteket launched a change project aimed at creating new initiatives and strengthening local engagement at the 370 pharmacies throughout Sweden. The aim of the change project was to formulate concrete activities to win more customers in the local markets and to get customers to buy more. 2 STEPS TOWARDS CONCRETE CHANGE The change project was […]

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